Sunday 8 November - 18h30


Georgian polyphonies

Alhambra, Geneva

Located in the southwest of the Caucasus, Georgia has a choral tradition that stems from very old Christian roots. It displays an astonishing diversity that relies on vocal polyphony, generally performed a cappella, though sometimes accompanied by instruments. The Suliko ensemble not only distances itself from official folklore but also demonstrates a demanding approach to the tradition. Their repertoire includes sacred songs, derived from Byzantine and Syrian rites, as well as secular music… A creative profusion involving complex harmonies of a rare intensity.

Ivane Galuashvili : voice,
Sulkhan Gvelesiani : voice,
Kakhaber Onashvili : voice, panduri,
Tamaz Saginadze : voice,
Shalva Abramashvili : voice, panduri,
Vladimer Iluridze : cvoice, panduri,
David Kipiani : voice, salamuri,
Gia Asatiani : voice


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