Experience peace

With Claudia HEINLE

Claudia Heinle trained at the Fondation d’art Hilal and focuses her research on Egyptian dance and music. She founded the platform Tanz Raum to spread awareness of this patrimony and to develop a personal aesthetic through her creations. During her last trip to Egypt, she had the privilege of dancing and exchanging ideas with members from the Naqsbandi Sufi order, and she seeks to share the fruits of this encounter during the workshop. 

Egyptian Sufi dance, based on the circle of initiates’ practices, has no equivalent in other cultures. Its movements, synchronised with breathing and rhythmic steps, permits access to an instant experience of the present and the permeability of interior and exterior sensations. This class, open to all people who are interested in rituals, dance, and/or rhythm, will be accompanied by the recordings of the Naqsbandi brotherhood or by the live music of Caroline Chevat and Iyad Haimour.