Friday 17 May - 21h00


Eastern Jazz

Douar means ‘village’ in Arabic, and ‘earth’ in Breton. The young musicians of the Douar Trio draw on diverse traditions for their inspiration:  from the nuances of wood and wind to picked and strummed strings, they move seamlessly from maqâm to jazz. Travel is as much about wandering as about arriving at a place...


Price : 20.-

ADEM and AMR adherents, students, apprentices, unemployed, AVS : 15.-

20 ans/20 francs card : 12.-

Informations : tél. 022 716 56 30

Online boxoffice : AMR, 10 rue des Alpes

Concert organised by the Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie and the AMR, with the support of the Ville de Genève and of Fonds culturel Sud.


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