Music in exile aims to celebrate the exiled populations’ countries of origin as well as the countries that receive them. The need to shine the light on the poetic and musical heritages of these populations deeply resonated with us, particularly at a time of migratory tragedies. To musically question exile is also to provide a platform for other voices and to showcase the cultural richness that the conflicts of our contemporary world, and fear of the unknown, tend to mask or marginalize.

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Mercredi 27 février, MEG


Voies du Rébétiko, film documentaire


Diaspora du Rebetiko, Amerika


Double concert, jeudi 28 février, Alhambra - 20h30

- Entre Irak et Syrie, Chants de la Jazira

- Le chant libre de l'Iran, Manushan


Double concert, vendredi 1er mars, Alhambra - 20h30

- Quinteto Acústico Venezolano

- Venezuelan Roots


Samedi 2 mars, Alhambra

16h30-17h30, suivi d'un apéro-sirop

L'Odyssée d'un esclave musicien, The Emidy project 


Tribute to Mandela - Diwele Lubi (danse), Mabeleng Moholo (multiples instruments)


Mercredi 6 mars, Centre des arts, Ecole internationale de Genève - 20h30

Ensemble Kaboul, inspirations afghanes


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