Sunday 11 November - 17h00


Ritualistic Dance and Song from Russia and the Ukraine

A revolutionary work, as much for its musical language as for its dramatic force, the Rite of Spring is emblematic of Stravinsky’s Russian period. With this work, the composer delivered a brilliant patchwork, drawing from diverse popular sources, combining and fashioning them to his liking.

What results is a spectacular fusion of language, form and styles. The present programme, the fruits of research undertaken in the rural areas of Russia and the Ukraine, offers the public the unprecedented possibility of hearing and seeing an original presentation of Stravinsky’s ballet, while unveiling its process of creation.

On stage sumptuous vocal polyphonies and folk dances alternate with a version of the Rite of Spring for two pianos, all the while emphasising the importance of its ritualistic roots.

Choeur the Virtual Village ensemble

Konstantin Uchitel : project design
Sergey Redkin : piano
Pavel Raykerus : piano
Aleksandr Polyachock : song, dance
Dmitro Polyachock : song, percussion, dance
Mariia Polyachock : song, dance
Mikhail Starodubtsev : song, percussion, dance
Nadezda Zhulanova : song, panpipes
Olga Velitchkina : song, panpipes, violin, dance
Sergey Starostin : song, flutes, horn, percussion, dance
Svetlana Butskaya : song, dance
Svitlana Kontsedalova : song, panpipes, dance
Yelizaveta Tkachenko : song, dance

The lecture "The Roots of the Rite of Spring", by Olga Velitchkina and Sergey Starostin is hold at the Alhambra on Sunday 11th november, from 3.30 to 4.15 pm.

In partnership with Fondation Igor Stravinsky


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