Samedi 4th november – 4 pm – Alhambra
Show for all audience / Les Z'Ethnos - from age 6

It is a complete misconception on our part to only associate the Middle Ages with a dark period marked by ignorance and war. In spite of the vicissitudes of history, Toledo exemplifies a completely different image. From the eleventh to the fifteenth century, it shone as a city of lights and a land of knowledge at the crossroads of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim worlds.

Hayim brings this golden age to life through the adventures of a 10-year-old Jewish calligrapher discovers mysterious links between his beautiful Christian neighbour Elisabeth and his friend Quaseem, the son of one of the court’s best Arab musicians. Together, they take us right to the heart of Toledo’s lanes, to the year 1267, into a world of tolerance that gives new meaning to the idea of harmony. This musical tale stylishly melds diverse forms of artistic practice – music, shadow puppets, video, poetry – all brought to life by a wonderful assortment of musical instruments and talents…

Emmanuel Bardon : chant et direction
Henri-Charles Caget : percussions
Aroussiak Guévorguian : kanoun
Gwénaël Bihan : flûte à bec
Valérie Dulac : vièle et lire d’archet
Emmanuelle Guigues : vièle et lire d’archet


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