Friday 4 December - 21h30


New Chilian music

Mia Mohr : voice
Ernesto Morales : guitar
Simon Martinez : trumpet
Jeanne Pasquier : clarinet
Tomas Fernandez : bass
Bruno Duval : percussion

Vuelta is a return trip from Chile to Geneva; it’s what the cueca singers shout to signal a change of step to the dancers and it is what brings together these musicians. The taste of improvisation, irregular rhythms and intimate texts that mix French and Spanish have little by little defined Vueelta's musical language. Their reportiore moves between Latin energy and the intimacy of a recital – this boat naviagates arcoss genres, searching to unite rather than to separate, to create a playing terrain of multiple expressions.


Full price : 18.-
ADEM, AMR members, students, AVS, unemployed : 15.-
20 ans/20 francs card : 12.-

Enquiries : tel. 022 716 56 30
On line Tickets : AMR, 10 rue des Alpes



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